Year 3 & 4, your two performances were absolutely amazing! You should all be so proud of yourselves. You’ve all put so much effort into the performance and it really showed. All of you knew your lines, had expression in your voices and you all tried your best. Well done again Year 4. 

If you missed it, here are a few of the best bits… 


Who’s on the radio? Year 4 are! 

Listen to BBC Radio Lincolnshire BBC Introducing Show between 8pm – 10pm tonight (Saturday 25th March) to hear Year 4’s version of Chloey Rose’s Golden Dreams.

Chloey Rose will be chatting with Jonathan Brine ‘about all those Superstars at Grimoldby Primary School who sang Golden Dreams’ 

I believe you can download the broadcast from the BBC Radio Lincolnshire website. I’ll be tuning in to listen to the Grimoldby Popstars, who else will be? 


Times tables games

If anyone has a tablet at home there are some brilliant free apps to practise times tables. Here are just a few of the apps which I recommend. An easy way to find these apps is to type ‘times tables games’ in to the search bar in the App Store. 


World Book Day

Look at us all reading… 

We’ve been investigation similarities and differences between fiction and non-fiction texts using a venn diagram! Their diagrams were full of features by the time we finished!

We’ve also been trying to find out how long it took  the silk worms to make enough silk for  the seagulls to lift James’ giant  peach. So far, we’ve got to 1000 minutes. Can anyone find out how many hours that is? 



The Easter Production

The parts have been cast for the exciting Easter Production of Robin Hood. There were so many happy faces as they received their scripts.i think Robin was nearly in tears! Now we just need to make sure we really try our best with practising these lines as often as possible. It’s going to be really hard work over these next few weeks but hopefully it will be worth it! 

It would be brilliant if over half term, the children could watch the film of Robin Hood so they can see their character being played by professional actors. As well as help to get an idea of the costumes they will need for the performance. If you do need any help with ideas please come to see me.

Hopefully see you all on March 30th or 31st. 


Manic music!

Today in our music lesson, Mr Eggerton brought in Indian curry house menus! We assembled into 4 groups with menus and began to name foods they served, turning them into beats. After that, we tested the beats we created out by all playing them at the same time.Our samba can get confusing at some times because there are lots of different and interesting beats and rhythms in it.

We played four different instruments in our samba lessons, tamberim, go go bells, surdos and shakers.Tamberim is a tambourine shaped instrument that you hit with a split shape stick, surdos are a drum that you hit with a big beater to make a low pitched sound, go go bells are 2 bells attatched to each other that you hit with a drum stick, shakers are titanium tubes that you hold horizontally and shake.

Then we added our curry beats into the samba song.We then practised our samba song altogether. It sounded brilliant!

By Leon and Jed



Square number investigation

Today everyone played a game called the 7 number game. The children had to place puzzle pieces so there would only be 7 numbers left.The children were investigating if they could make the remaining numbers square numbers.One group almost made it but they had the number 6, not a square number. It is not a square number because another number can’t be multiplied by itself to make six. For example 5 x 5 = 25, 25 is a square number. 

By Jed



Year 4 always seem to get really excited at 11am every Wednesday. I wonder why…

Every Wednesday this term, Year 4 has been learning to play the Samba!

They began by learning to keep a beat by singing about food!

What’s for tea tonight? Cold fish fingers. What’s for tea tonight? Chicken and chips” and “vindaloo, hot vindaloo.”

Then, they got to explore the surgo drums, shakers, go go bells and the tambarin.

Today however, they joined together all of their learning so far creating a fantastic rumbling samba!

Very interestingly, for next weeks lesson the children have been asked to bring in any spare Indian take- away menus. We will find out why next week…