Music performance

What a treat! Over the past year, some year 3 and 4 children have been practising to play a wonderful variety of musical instruments every week. 

Today, we had the delights to hear them play.  We heard the cello, violin, viola and piano being played. Everyone sounded fantastic and it was a wonderful performance. 

Well done everyone! 

Mountain flowers 

We’re creating flowers found on different mountains around the world. We are using a range of materials to create a stained glass effect. These stained glass flowers are going to be available to see in Grimoldby Church’s Flower Festival along with some more Misty Mountain work. 

Class Trip 26/06/17

On Monday, Year 4 are visiting Normanby Hall for a ‘Where the Wild Things Are?’ workshop. We will be spending the majority of the day outside in the forest. 

Now the weather over the weekend and on Monday (at the minute) is forecast rain, and quite a lot of it. With this in mind, can all children arrive to school in their school uniforms and school shoes with an extra bag containing a waterproof jacket, a long sleeved top, spare pair of socks, a pair of trousers and wellies or sturdy boots, which they can get changed into for their workshop. This ensures they will be kept protected, safe and dry. 

Thank you

Functions of the human digestive system

We have found some very interesting and surprising facts about our digestive system today. 

We used meter sticks to estimate the length of the large intestine and the small intestine. Can you guess which measurement is for which organ? 

Surprisingly, the small intestines approximately measures a lengthy 7 meters, compared to the large intestines which only measure approximately 1.5 meters! 

True or False

We have discovered there are many parts to drawing a perfect graph, such as drawing perpendicular lines accurately and being able to identify and draw time on a number line. We have spent today proving questions like these true or false. 

Here is our reasoning…

Exploding Homework 

Wow! We  have had some fantastic homework creations so far throughout the Misty Mountain topic and Willow has added to the collection. Using mod roc, paints, baker by soda, food colouring and vinegar, willow has made a model of a volcano that actually erupts!